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HY-U Full automatic suppository machin

HY-U Full automatic suppository machin





1) PLC checking function: through PLC online checking function to self-checking and alarm for running stoppage, and show the reason of stoppage in order that the operator remedy it in time.
2) Filling part within free static electricity system.
3) Agitation vat speed adjustment system
4) Cooling speed adjustment system
5) Cutting gains speed adjustment system
6) Notice: finished products can be set 4/5/6/7pcs. The machine can product PVC/PE
7)Meet cGMP
4.Instruction and description
1) Operating principle
1.1)finalize the design:
Use PVC/PE suppositories through clamp structure and pass into ——>air filling mould——>membrane making shape. Triangle knife side cut,dotted line cutting.
1.2)filling part:
There are 7 filling terminal,with embedded type filling for shaped suppository for one time, filling accuracy can get ±2%,there is electrical heating system to keep heat for raw material barrel, and there is mixing motor for raw material, the raw material of charging basket entrance into filling terminal through circulator, and the rest raw material circulate to the barrel for next filling.
1.3) cooling part
Whole row is finished filling and passed into cooling shelf, cooling box is set cooling water unit, and cooling air is transformed by four condensers which is into the cooler bin to cool suppository.
1.4)seal and print code part:
Cooled solid suppository is sent to the seal district: preheat mould——>seal mould——>code print mould. And finished product is cut for 5 grains or 6 grains for a group.(according to customer’s requirement)
2) Main parts induction
2.1) molding filling part
It is formed by film plate、transmit clamp、molding、finishing base、dotted line cutting、filling pump、material barrel、material circulator and section cutting, finish film making shell, material filling process (picture2-1)


Picture 2-1 molding filling part

2.2) molding
Package material from film place plate through guide wheel and transmit tongs entrance into shaping processing, there are preheat , heat and shaping mould, and slot is loaded butt joint model (gassing mould) for production. Picture2-2


2-2 shaping diagram

2.2.1) base finishing and dotted line cutting base

Film material after shaping with cutter processing bottom margin, dotted line cutting


Picture 2-3 processing bottom margin


Picture 2-4 dotted line cutting

2.3) filling

It is formed by filling pump, material barrel, stirrer, Circulation pump, to finish filling process.


Picture 2-5 filling pump

Filling pump have several plunger pump, adjust filling quantity by hand shank on the top of it, there is 6 or 7 terminals injector at the lower part of pump (picture 6-5)

Add the material into material barrel, heat the element to keep certain temperature, and mixer is driver by speed motor, keep the uniformity temperature, circulator keep material is cycled between material barrel and filling pump. (picture 2-6)


Picture 2-6 material barrel, mixer and circulator

2. 4) segmentation and cutting


Picture 2-7 segmentation and cutting

According to setting , the film material is cut 30 grain per row or 28 grain per row(picture2-7)

2.5) cooler bin parts

It is formed by two cooling tunnels and air coolers, to finish solidify process.(picture 2-8)


Picture 2-8 cooler box (1Set)

Segmented strip entrance cooling tunnel and cool, circulator repeat running send it to sealing process (picture 2-9)


Picture 2-9 cooling tunnel

water chiller supply cool water, which is homodisperse by cooling fan,and the temperature is controlled 8℃~16℃.

2.6) finish sealing trail part


Picture 2-10 finish sealing trail part

Solidified strips are reheated after sealing, and printed lot number

5. Specification and Main Parameters of Goods:
Table 1:

Model Unit HY-U-7 Suppository filling and sealing machine
Capacity PCS/Hour 8000-12000(depending on producing)
Total Power KW 7.5Kw
Voltage, frequency V 3PH 380 +/-10% 50Hz
Dose per unit ML 0.5~5 (depending on product)
Deviation % <±2
Suppository shape N/A Bullet, torpedo, duck-mouth ect (depending on product)
Adapting N/A Fatty acid glycerin,gelatin,glycol,etc., (depending on product)
Volume L 50
Air pressure Mpa 0.6
Air consumption m3 1.5
Water consumption N/A 50kg per circle
Total weight KG 2000
Machine dimensions MM HY-U: 3100*3480*2000mm

Table 2:

item Name remark
Shaping part Film placed plate(mating 2 brake cylinder)  



pneumatic element is from AirTac

Film guide
Clamp film running device(mating 1 cylinder)
Molding device(mating 3 pair cylinder)
Pushing calibrator(mating 1 cylinder)
Gassing device(mating 1 air-vent valve )
thimble(mating 1 cylinder)
Shaping part box(include internal holder) Raw material:aluminum、 stainless steel
Filling part dotted line knife(mating 1 pair cylinder)  


pneumatic element is from  Airtac

triangular knife(mating 1 cylinder)
Filling device(pneumatic)
Filling terminal(mating different specification as needed )
charging basket(mixing motor)
charging basket circulator(mating 1 cylinder )
Filling part box(include internal holder) Raw material:aluminum、 stainless steel
Organic glass shield  
Cooling part Cool water Famous brand compressor
Air cool
Strips step-by-step system(pneumatic) pneumatic element
Cooling part box(include internal holder) Raw material:aluminum、 stainless steel
Organic glass shield  
Sealing part Sealing reheat device  


pneumatic element is from Mindman

Heat seal device
date of manufacture steel seal(mating 3 pairs cylinder)
Cutting hob
Strip tailor device
Sealing part box(include internal holder) Raw material:aluminum、 stainless steel
Organic glass shield  
Elctrcal contolling system PLC communication module Mitsubishi
human-computer interface Delta
transducer Mitsubishi
low-voltage apparatus CHINT
thermoregulator  Importing
Electromagnetic valve air processing AirTAC
optoelectronic switch / approach switch / limit switch OMRON/Schneider/Siemens
Inverter Siemens/Schneider
warning device importing


6. Free spare parts with machine

Name  Quantity
Suppository mould  1Set
Resistance heating rods  1Set
Air-joint  1Set
Dotted cutter  5Sets
Sealing ring  1Set
Slitting cutter 1Set


7. Spare parts for 2 years warranty (Optional)

S/No. Name Model Qty Unit Price Total mark.
1 Triangle
  1 pair    
2 Dotted line
  30 Pc    
3 Batch Mark Digital (0-9,A-Z) 360 Pc      
4 Filling Ring   28 Pc      
    <211X2.1 28 Pc      
    <215X2.65 10 Pc    
5 Sealing <2 75X3.1 10 Pc    
ring <295X3.1 10 Pc    
    <2 63X3.5 2 Pc    
    <2 20X3.1 5 Pc    
6 Rod Ring DRP20 20 Pc    
  0 Ring D40 5 Pc    
7 D16 10 Pc    
  D25 10 Pc    
    D45 6 Pc    
8 Servo
  14 Pc      
9 Cutter for remove edge   1 pair    


8.Packing:Wooden Case

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