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TRP-250P Pillow Packing Machine

TRP-250P Pillow Packing Machine


This machine is specially designed for a second packing of aluminium-plastic blister plate in the pharmaceutical industry, this upgrade the damp proof performance of the packed aluminium-plastic blister plate and keep the drug away from the light. This machine adopts PLC programmable controller to program operation of the whole machine and it is equipped with number printing lot No. of production, production Date and Term of Validity, etc. on the outer package during packing process, we also designed a kind of automatic feeder suitable for aluminium-plastic blister plate of various specifications. And equipped with the rejecting device for plate absence and pressed / bad plate, it improves the automaticity of the machine. It meets with GMP requirements completely.
Controller to Program Operation: This machine adopts PLC Programmable Controller to program operation of the whole machine. Electronic Text Display: The packing output will be displayed on TD-200 Screen to meet your eyes automatically.
Adjustment of Bag Length: The packing length can be set directly on TD-200 Screen Display and can be changed very easily and quickly without manual operation.
Two Direction Compensation Colour Code Aligning: Detect the colour code with the imported Photoelectric Detecting Senor and conduct automatic compensating mechanism, thus making colour code aligning quick and accurate.
Four Groups of Automatic Temperature Controllers: It adopts Temperature Controller on every heating position for automatic temperature control so as to improve the sealing quality.
Automatic feeding of medicine plate; It is suitable for automatic feeding of various specification of aluminum-plastic medicine plates.


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