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TXMH Series Vacuum Emulsifying Machine

TXMH Series Vacuum Emulsifying Machine




1.  Steady performance and good homogenizing, easy to operate and clean.

2. Adopt upper coaxial triple blender, lift cover by hydraulic, high speed homogenizing blender (Speed: 0-3500 rpm. frequency speed regulation), I ower speed scraper blender

(Speed: 10-70 rpm. frequency speed regulation), Homogenizer adopt fast cutting vortex type emulsification blenders which can scrape and blend in a low speed and cling to the tank wall and bottom. Material feeding by vacuum, prevent the powder flying if feeding powder material. The whole working procedure is operated under the vacuum status, prevent the material comes to the bubbles after high speed blending and can meet the requirement of sanitation and asepsis. CIP system has been included. The part contact with the material of the vessel is made from SUS 316L (SUS304) S.S. Inner surface of the vessel adopt mirror polishing. In order to ensure the stabilization of the electric control part, this electric control parts from Siemens, button switch from Japan Fuji, inverter from Panasonic. Vacuum pump from Siemens. Machine design meet GMP requirement!


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